A veldskoen is a South African walking shoe made of soft rawhide or vegetable tanned leather. The upper is stitched to the leather footbed and the rubber sole using a stitchdown construction without nails. This method makes the shoe incredibly durable. These shoes also come in a wide range of colors and patterns.


Veldskoen, also known as Vellies, are traditional walking shoes made in South Africa. Their uppers are made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide. They are attached to a rubber sole and leather footbed through a process called stitchdown construction, which does not use nails.

The term veldschoen has been used for similar shoes around the world since the early 16th century. Its origins lie in Dutch, where it means shoe, and was later reinforced by Afrikaans. The Dutch term is also used in other languages, but veldschoen is more likely the original term.

Made in South Africa, Veldskoen boots are comfortable and durable. They are handmade with hand-picked African rawhide leather and follow centuries-old shoe making traditions. The footwear is also made with less impact on the environment than other types of footwear. This makes them a good choice for those who want to do their part to save the planet.


Veldskoen shoes are an iconic part of South African culture. The original design was inspired by the plains and farms of Africa. Today, these shoes have become an essential part of South African life. In addition to being comfortable, these shoes are effortlessly stylish. The brand has also brought a contemporary twist to the traditional design, by incorporating a pop of color on the sole and matching laces.

Veldskoen shoes are made of vegetable-tanned rawhide or leather uppers, and feature a rubber sole. Their name is derived from the Afrikaans word for skin, vel, which was then assimilated to skoen, meaning “shoe”. These boots are based on the designs of Khoisan walking shoes and are often worn without socks. They were also popular among farmers, safari guides, and students. In theĀ veldskoen seventeenth century, the first Dutch settlers wore them on the Great Trek.

The brand prides itself on being a South African brand, with all shoes made in an ethical factory in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. This area of the country is known internationally for its footwear manufacturing. The use of real leather gives Veldskoen shoes the advantage of being durable and comfortable. The brand is also proud to use fully tanned bovine leather instead of animal by-products.