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“H2 Systems specialize in designing luxury custom home theatre, total home automation and home integration solutions. Our CEDIA award winning company is located in Burlington and services Oakville , Mississauga, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. Services include home theatre and media room design, audio/video, plasma & flatscreen, lighting automation, touch screen controls, hifi systems, furniture & finishing, speakers & acoustics.”
Clinton Howell, President



With H2, we will create the simplest and most reliable ways to control your audio and video entertainment systems, window treatments, HVAC systems, security alarm, CCTV cameras, internet access and more with simple hand-held and in-wall user interfaces including the latest iPad, iPhone and Smart Phone applications.



H2 specializes in creating luxury theatre and media room environments for all budgets. Our award winning lead Theatre Designer and professional artist Clinton Howell and his team are here to assist you to create the perfect room for your theatre or media room.

  • Level II Gold

    2013 CEDIA Award
    Best Technical Design Home Theatre - Level II Gold

  • Level I Bronze

    2013 CEDIA Award
    Best Technical Design Home Theatre- Level I Bronze

  • Level I Bronze 2012

    2012 CEDIA Award
    Best Technical Design Home Theatre - Level I Bronze

  • phoca thumb m levelii-140-180

    2010 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level II Bronze

  • phoca thumb m leveliv

    2010 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level IV Bronze

  • DSC 0029

    2008 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level II Silver

  • DSC 0036

    2008 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level II Silver

  • DSC 0033

    2007 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level IV Bronze

  • DSC 0035

    2007 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level III Bronze

  • DSC 0037

    2006 CEDIA Award
    Best Integrated Home - Level II Bronze

  • DSC 0038

    2003 CEDIA Award
    Best Home Theatre (Overall) - Level II

  • DSC 0039

    2003 CEDIA Award
    Best Home Theatre (Overall) - Level IV

  • DSC 0040

    2005 CEDIA Award
    Best Home Theatre (Overall) - Level II

  • DSC 0041

    2005 CEDIA Award
    Best Home Theatre (Overall) - Level IV

  • DSC 0042

    2006 Crestron Integration Award
    Best New Creative GUI

  • DSC 0043

    2008 Monster Cable Award
    Integrator of the Year

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Bowers & Wilkins CI 800 Custom Installation Speakers

Home Theatre Seating & Planning Made Easy

When a consumer contacts us, their idea of designing a home theatre is far from reality.   

Home Theatre seating is one of the components that a consumer has thought a great deal about.  From the luxurious seating options, to iPad and cup holders, what they don’t realize is that home theatre seating can thwart a clear walking area and overall design of the theatre. 

Proper placement is the key!

This is why Palliser has created an interactive room planner so consumers can test drive any Palliser home theatre seating options in their anticipated room space.  This planner also has collision detection with the room boundaries created.

To get started go to http://palliser.com and peruse the website for home theatre seating options.   To activate the planner, click on the planner tool on the right hand side of the screen beneath the product information.


This will prompt you to get started on using the room planner. 

The room planner prompts you to choose between basic or an l-shaped room or to select the tutorial for a brief overview on how it works.  Once you’re up and running, the screen should look like this.

When designing a home theatre, the size of room, the placement of seating, and the recommended distance away from a projection screen, can leave many a customer pleasantly surprised with the amount of seating that their room can handle. 

Of course, it’s always best to speak to a home theatre professional designer to guide you through the process to ensure that you are content with your home theatre for a lifetime.


Top Ten Tips for Realtors for Selling a Smart Home the Smart Way

home automation

You're a realtor and the thought of demonstrating smart home technology to a potential buyer might be somewhat daunting at the best of times. For a typical agent, it has long been a challenge to understand the mechanics of opening the gates, turning on and off the security system, or getting the garage door to open without mishap. But rest assured there is nothing to worry about – it's all quite easy, really.

In today's market, realtors must educate themselves about home theatre settings, in-wall speakers, motorized shades, and lighting controls. These components don't leave the home, so understanding their purpose is vital in winning the sale and closing the deal.

Clinton Howell, the founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc. in Burlington, ON, has the top ten tips to seamlessly sell a smart home at top dollar and avoid facing the unexpected.

shutterstock 1810815141. Ensure everything works: Ask questions, place a call
It's a fact. Some smart homes and their components may be outdated or no longer connected to the system. Ask the homeowner about what works and what doesn't, and suggest contacting a home integration service provider to ensure that all devices are working prior to the first showing or open house.

2. Get a demonstration and check it out
All iPads, remotes, and in-wall controllers serve a purpose. Ask the homeowner to give you a detailed walkthrough of all devices to ensure that when you're in the home theatre, during a showing that you don't suddenly turn everything off.

3. Test all lighting and motorized shades
Before a showing it's important to test all the lighting and motorized shades. Know what in-wall control dims the lighting or sets the lighting scene. Older shades can be noisy, so if you don't want to the client to see them, ensure that they are set properly before the showing. Remember, a home also needs to be dressed for success.

4. Turn it all on before client arrives
Setting the mood for a client is pertinent in making that sale. Especially in the home theatre, where it takes time for the projector to warm up, it's always best to arrive a ½ hour early to setup the theatre, motorized shades, and lighting scene. Getting the mood set helps close a sale and shows that you have done your homework. And the potential buyers will think you are beyond tech savvy.

5. Keep a movie going at all times in the home theatre room
During an open house, several potential buyers may arrive at once and you are unable to provide an individual demonstration of the smart home components. Having a movie playing at all times, in the home theatre room, allows the potential buyer to experience the room without waiting for you to attend to their needs. Keep in mind the right movie themes to display – popular family movies and even action movies that kids and parents enjoy are smart choices.

6. Stage the home integration settings to the potential buyer
With a smart home, you can set the ambiance for any occasion. During a viewing, it's always best to keep an iPad or iPhone, loaded with songs and different genres, and asking them what their music preference is. Another option is to have online music services available, like Pandora, Spotify or Rhapsody, so you are able to grab an artist of their choice and set the stage for a most engaging experience for them.

7. If it is old, update it: New is better!
Most realtors wouldn't list a home, at top dollar, if the hot tub or pool didn't work or was dated! Having a home integration system that doesn't work is much the same. Suggest contacting a home integration service provider to give an upgrade quote to get everything working up to quality standards before your first showing.

8. Create tailored settings for showings
Remember; you're only at the home when there is a showing and the settings on different devices can prove to be a challenge. Ask the homeowners to create tailored settings for a showing and request if you can have this accessible on your iPad or iPhone.

9. Learn about the outdoor integration components
Home integration extends farther than inside the shell of the home. Learn about the outdoor lighting controls, security system, outdoor audio, and pool settings. You may not need to demonstrate everything, but having good knowledge of what is available can be detrimental in winning or losing the sale.

10. Have a home integration specialist on hand
This may sound far-fetched and getting a home integration specialist to demonstrate components may come at a cost to you or the homeowner. However, there is no better person to explain the power of home integration than a specialist. Potential buyers have very unique and sometimes difficult questions, about home integration and having a professional on hand could lead to the sale. Be prepared and you will close a sale quicker than you think.

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Whether it is a home theatre or home integration that you desire, an award winning project begins with H2 consultation and design services. At H2 Systems, we aim provide the most comprehensive advice and state of the art designs to assist you in making the most of your budget and visualize your dream well before the project begins.



Our distributed multi-zone audio/video solutions will provide your family with the ability to listen to music, play video games, or watch television from different locations of the home utilizing the same central system. At H2, we have a large selection of products that will facilitate any number of zones within the home, indoors and out!

H2 Story


Designing Luxury Home Theatre and Integration Solutions

H2, which stands for specializing in Home Theatre and Home Integration, is the next generation in the home theatre and home integration business for System Designer and company President, Clinton Howell.

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H2 Services


Home Audio/Video
and Integration Solutions

H2 offers a wide range of high quality audio/video and integration solutions for both new and existing homes.  H2 is an authorized dealer for the finest brands in home entertainment.  Work with the finest people in the custom installation business to design and build your dreams.

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H2 Difference

Complete Solutions

At H2, we take the time to meet with you to review your current needs and your future plans to ensure that you are getting a complete solution which gives you the most value and enjoyment from your investment both now and down the road.

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  • I have worked with Clinton Howell and his team for almost 20 years. I recently had H2 Systems install a Crestron control system in my personalhome.  It has been the best experience I have ever had with an integration company."

    Jay Robinson, President
    Jay Robinson Custom Homes

    H2Systems was very easy to work with – Robb helped us find a solution that worked for our space and budget – we are extremely happy with our decision."
    D. Lafleur, CPA, CMA
  • The H2 team know their business. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and provide superior customer service. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. Let them plan, organize and present their proposal and you will be amazed at the results. Keep up the great work !"

    D. A. Luciani

  • We first met Clinton, Chris Pifer, and his team in 2005 when we renovated our basement. They came highly recommended by our designer and we are still enjoying our own movie theatre experience along with the integrated sound system with a few upgrades since then. When we renovated our main floor we didn’t hesitate to call h2systems again. They did a wonderful job with integrating the new system into the old. We would highly recommend them."
    S. J. Green
  • Chris Pifer supervised our home theatre project. From the first moment we met him, Chris made us feel extremely confident that we had chosen the best company in the business. Normally I dread any kind of home renovation, but I was truly sad when our home theatre was finished because I enjoyed the process so much. I've recommended H2 to many of my friends as a result of our experience, and Chris and I have remained friends to this day."
    B. Dibble
  • OMG!

    I was just going to send you a note telling you how terrific your staff are!
    Every time someone from H2 comes it my house it is a happy experience.

    SONOS is fantastic. I’m gonna tell EVERYONE.

    Thanks Buddy. Just amazing!


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