Getting a divorce is a big deal and it’s no surprise that you want to hire an expert to handle the legal proceedings. Not only will a divorce lawyer be able to help you with the legal jargon, but they will also be able to assist you with things like the division of assets and child support payments. In fact, it’s possible to save a lot of money on your divorce by using an attorney to do the legwork for you.

There are plenty of divorce lawyers out there, but you’ll want to find the best one for you. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a Durban divorce attorney, including the type of divorce you are filing for and the cost of the services. Generally, you’ll need to pay a minimum of R2,000 per hour for a senior family law attorney, and this can add up fast. In addition, if you have children, you’ll need to have a child support hearing. Choosing the right Durban divorce lawyer will also allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your children are in good hands.

There are many types of divorces, including defended, uncontested, and contentious. TheĀ divorce lawyer durban first type is the easiest and least expensive. An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree that they are ending the marriage. Typically, the costs of an uncontested divorce are between R8,000 and R20,000. This may not sound much, but when you consider the psychological impact of a divorce, it can be a major expense. A defended divorce on the other hand is more likely to involve a conflict and could take a while to settle.

In South Africa, getting a divorce is not as simple as you might think. The process can take anywhere from three to seven years, depending on the number of issues to be resolved and your willingness to pay for the service. In addition, it can be a costly endeavor if you have children. A good Durban divorce lawyer will help you navigate the complex legal waters and make your divorce as painless as possible.

The most expensive aspect of a divorce is the court hearings. The average divorce case in South Africa will take between 300 and 400 hours to complete, and you’ll need to pay for any extra services you need to have your case heard. In addition, if you have children, child support payments are going to be a major factor in your divorce bill. In some cases, you might need to have a protection order placed on your spouse in order to ensure you are provided with a fair share of their income.

A good Durban divorce lawyer will make sure that your children are well looked after and you get a divorce that’s based on the merits of your case. They will also ensure that you don’t get stuck paying for a divorce that’s not worth it. The best divorce lawyers are able to guide you through the entire process, from the beginning of the legal proceedings to the final settlement.