Recruiting clients is a time-consuming and expensive process. Additionally, turnover in the workforce is costly and can affect the performance of the company. The talent management feature of HR software helps companies overcome these problems. It collects resumes from a variety of sources, and it also allows tracking of each candidate. This feature can help companies reduce these costs. It also helps businesses overcome hiring-related issues, such as minimizing the time it takes to evaluate candidates.


If you’re looking HR Software Portal India for a cloud-based Human Resource Management System, you’ve found it with Zeta HRMS software portal India. This HRMS software allows you to manage your entire employee workforce and give everyone access to key information, such as pay, benefits, and more. It is available in India, the UK, the Middle East, Kenya, and more. Zeta HRMS has over 2000 clients from over 20 different countries.


If you are a small business in India, you will love Kredily. It’s free forever HR software that allows you to track all your employees’ details and automate tedious finance assignments in a matter of minutes. Its highly integrated platform allows you to set participation limits based on time, area, or biometric joining. The user guide is extensive and makes the software easy to use. Plus, it’s designed for small businesses, so you can’t go wrong with its functionality.


With over 500 clients and a scalability rate of over 30%, sumHR has the ability to meet the needs of the fastest growing companies. It is the most efficient way to manage large amounts of data, including payroll and employee records. It is also a user-friendly and secure system. Its self-service capabilities allow users to process payroll in minutes. In addition, it offers a number of other features to help your business be more efficient and productive.

Zoho people

If you’re in need of a HR software solution, Zoho People is a great choice. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the application. In addition, it provides you with access permissions to manage users and content. You can also add employees, manage their timesheets, and track their shifts. Zoho People also streamlines the document management process. The repository eliminates the need for physical paperwork. It also integrates with e-signature apps and e-mail.


A cloud-based employee engagement and HR management platform, Qandle provides a comprehensive end-to-end HR solution. It is capable of handling all aspects of employee lifecycle management including core HR, talent management, goals, feedback, performance reviews, expenses, payroll, and more. It has an intuitive user interface and granular configurability, making it an ideal HR companion. Its revenue run rate is estimated to reach $3 million by 2022.