H2 Services

Home Integration Systems 
and Touchscreen Controls

H2 offers numerous in-wall and wireless touchscreen solutions ranging in size from 4”-24” available for all residential applications. For example, these touchscreen solutions will provide whole house room by room integrated control of the following sub-systems: Lighting, HVAC, Radiant Floor Heating, Multi-zone Audio, CCTV Cameras, Security System, Intercom, Irrigation, Home Theatre and more. The specific customized graphics and layouts will be reviewed with you for approval prior to implementing the system. The default graphics on each touch-screen will be specific to the room that you are in for ease of use and navigation. Following is a more detailed conceptual description of what to expect from the control of each sub-system:

Lighting Control Systems

Whether you are building new or renovating, H2’s lighting control systems will provide powerful access to room specific and whole house global lighting scenes. An example of a room specific scene might be “Dine”. This would be a good scene to have available from the kitchen, servery and dining room, the “Dine” scene will dim the hallways, dim the Kitchen and set the Dining Room lights to a pre-set mood for an intimate meal and dining experience. An example of a global lighting scene, “Entertain” will set the levels for all of the lights in the areas that are important for entertaining at pre-defined levels, which set the right mood for entertaining. “Entertain” can be set-up to be time of day sensitive also, the overall concept will not change, however, different lighting levels will be set depending on whether it is before or after sunset time – which will automatically change every day of the year.

In addition to these convenient décor-enhancing features, in the case of new construction, the lighting system will also eliminate wall clutter, as there will no longer be a need for unsightly multiple-gangs of light switches. In all of the places you would have normally needed conventional switches you will have custom laser engraved keypad or a touchscreen control.

Custom Home Theatre

H2 specializes in high performance home theatre and media room solutions at all price levels. Whether you are looking to re-create the director’s vision of a film in your own private screening room with explosive surround sound and a 12 foot wide viewing experience or you are looking to create a cozy nook in your basement rec-room to watch sports and play video games, H2 is the right choice. H2’s President and System Designer, Clinton Howell, has chosen to partner with some of the finest brands in the industry such as Sony, Epson, Runco, B&W, Steinway Lyngdorf, Krell, Bryston, Denon, Sonance, Triad, Crestron, RTI and many more. With Clinton’s award winning background and working with these fine brands, H2 has the ability to design customized solutions, which will provide outstanding pictures and sound in any environment. When it comes to room interiors and room design, H2 has numerous lines of seating, acoustic treatments, soundproofing and motorization. If you are looking for custom home theatre, look no further.

HVAC – Forced Air Heating
/Cooling and Radiant Floor Heat

Touchscreen accessible user programmable scheduling and dual set-point heating and cooling control will be available for each individual zone. Thermostats will be located in the mechanical room where the furnace and radiant floor heating manifolds are located. Each forced air zone will have up to 3 discrete flush-mount temperature and humidity sensors and each heated floor zone will have an air temperature sensor and a floor slab temperature sensor installed into locations as recommended by the HVAC mechanical contractor and your custom home builder. Ensuring your home comfort has never been so easy.

Multi-zone Audio

In all of the rooms that have speakers, you will have the ability to listen to your favourite audio sources at different volumes, with independently set bass/treble levels. Sources can include AM/FM Radios, Sirius Satellite Radios, Media Servers, iPods, Sonos, Rdio, single or multiple “user based” Satellite Receivers, single or multiple BluRay players (which will play DVD and CD too). So for example, if you are watching a movie in the Great Room with its BluRay player and you would like the sound from that BluRay movie in the Kitchen and the Breakfast, you can select the Great Room BluRay source for the Kitchen/Breakfast and set the volume level and control the movie as you wish. From the touch-screens you will have the ability to control each audio source with controls that are intuitive and convenient. For example, when controlling the iPod sound, you will be able to search your iPod music by Artist, Playlist, Song, etc. same as you can on the iPod itself and all of the information will come right onto the touch-screen you are using.

CCTV and DVR (Security Cameras
and Digital Video Recording System)

At each of the touch-screen controls you can have the ability to view each of your CCTV cameras independently or as a group of small images at once which you can then select and it will zoom to fill the screen. You will also have the ability to control the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and see recorded images from your CCTV cameras. There can be multiple cameras designed into your project to cover the perimeter of your house and an additional camera built-in to the front door intercom station. These cameras can also be viewed on any television in your home which have access to the central rack video sources. Using remote access software, you can also log into your camera systems through the internet from anywhere in the world to review the security of your home.

HDTV Access To Central Rack Sources

In the areas which have wiring in place to access the HDTV sources in the central rack you will have the ability to watch any of the multiple satellite receivers as well as any of the BluRay disc players, Apple TV, or Netflix in the house. Each of these HDTV access zones will have a wireless handheld remote control making use of the local HDTV and sound simple and convenient.

Phone/PC Outlets

Any rooms which you would like receive a Phone/PC Outlet will have a 2 port Decora styled outlet with an attractive screw-less faceplate with CAT6 jacks designed to connect a standard telephone and connect into the house-wide Ethernet computer network. All jacks in the house will be live.

Satellite/Digital Cable Receiver Outlets

Any rooms which you would like to receive a Satellite/Digital Cable Receiver Outlet will have a 4 port Decora styled outlet with an attractive screw-less faceplate with 2 CAT6 jacks and 2 RG6 coaxial wires allowing the connection of a local satellite receiver or digital cable box. Specific outlets will be livened up as needed.