Group Homes Australia is a new model of care for people living with dementia. It is cheaper than supported living and provides personalised care in a home environment. The group believes in fostering the sense of community and belonging by offering residents a home environment. Group Homes Australia homes are located in ordinary suburbs in Australia. They can accommodate six to 10 residents and provide 24-hour care. These homes also provide palliative and dementia care and respite care.

Group Homes Australia is a new model of care for people living with dementia

Group Homes Australia offers a social model for dementia care in a small-scale setting. The company was founded in 2011 by Tamar Krebs, who was also a registered nurse. The group has grown to include a range of services, including palliative and respite care. The company has experienced success with its unique focus on resident needs and abilities, as well as its focus on innovation.

It is cheaper than supported living

The comparison of supported living and group homes has revealed a significant cost difference. However, the differences between the two types of care are not as large as you might think. Supported living is typically more expensive than group homes and includes day care. The differences in costs between supported living and group homes should inform commissioning, funding, and service development decisions. Furthermore, the cost differences should be considered in individualised planning decisions. However, group homes may be more suitable for some individuals.

It offers personalised care

Group Homes Australia takes a holistic approach to care, which means that clinical and social workers work closely with residents and their families. It also employs detailed resident profiles in Salesforce to ensure everyone involved in care is on the same page. ThisĀ Group Homes Australia means that carers can view social worker notes and insights, and can also add their own, without interfering with resident care.

It is a home environment

Group Homes Australia is a family-style home environment for seniors with a range of care needs, including high care and respite care. These purpose-designed, modern homes house between six and ten residents. Each home features multiple living areas and outdoor recreational settings and offers personalised care. Residents are encouraged to engage in daily activities and participate in weekly outings.

It is a specialist in Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management is one of the key areas that Group Homes Australia is a specialist in. It involves assessing and managing residents’ behaviour in a home-like environment. The staff work with the resident’s abilities and disabilities. Group Homes Australia is an approved provider of home care packages funded by the Australian Government.

It is a specialist in Home Care Packages

Home care packages are a great option for those who require ongoing or complex support. These packages are available from a range of approved home care providers. They provide a range of clinical and personal services that are coordinated and can help people live independently.