FURSYS is one of the top office furniture manufacturers in Korea. They are also known for their high-quality materials and aesthetic designs. They manufacture a wide range of quality furniture, including conference tables, executive chairs, multi-purpose chairs and personal computer tables. Their products are sold in a number of countries, including the United States, Japan, South America and Australia. In addition to their wares, they also provide their clients with a wide range of service including installation and after sales services.

One of the more popular names in the Fursys stable is Iloom, a furniture maker with 퍼시스 a focus on home office and study furniture. They offer their customers an impressive collection of products and services, including executive and multi-purpose desks, ergonomic and task chairs, conference tables, workstations, and mobile storage solutions. Along with Iloom, the Fursys Group has launched a new subsidiary called ilroom, which specializes in home furniture.

Another name in the FURSYS stable is Sidiz, which is a furniture brand that focuses on ergonomic and design-centric seating solutions. They have 60 sales networks in 40 countries, including South Korea, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and China. The company is the first Korean office furniture manufacturer to enter the Japanese market and they plan on expanding their presence into Southeast Asia and South East Asia.

Another product that they are most proud of is the Fursys enAble series, which is a furniture line designed to give its users a convenient and stylish layout. It features ergonomically designed chairs with a weight activated tilt mechanism, which is a nice touch. The Fursys Flight series is another standout in this category, offering a more modern take on the aforementioned enAble.

On the subject of best overall, the FURSYS Group has a long and successful track record. They have been providing office furniture solutions to their clients in more than 60 countries. Besides providing furniture for business and private use, they are also a reliable supplier for hospital furniture and personal computer tables. Moreover, they have also supported the overseas expansion of many of their leading Korean colleagues. This has helped them establish a solid foundation for their brand in overseas markets. Now, they are getting ready to establish a foothold in major markets including Vietnam and Thailand. With their vast furniture export experience, they are set to make their mark on the global furniture business.

Finally, the FURSYS Group is one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the world. The company is known for their high-end office and home furniture and other office related items, which they sell in a number of countries, including the US, Japan, Australia, South America and China.