Turning Wi-Fi into Hi-Fi with Sonos This Summer


Sonos is exactly what you're looking for; Indoors or Out

Over the past decade, audio has experienced some huge transitions. While CD’s are still available in stores, we see more people downloading their favorite songs on their mobile device or listening to music online. Simplicity is the key. Why carry the baggage when you can take your music with you in your pocket? Today, speakers are no different. One can find small pocket sized speakers or a high quality Bluetooth speaker to suit their lifestyle for any given situation. Suffice to say, as sound connoisseurs we've tested them all. Sonos is a fantastic brand that we systematically include in our home audio designs for every customer. The Play3 and Play 5 speakers (often referred as zone players) offer big sound, transportability, and the option to listen to music online through music services like:

  • Songza (Thousands of genre based playlists with the ability to skip tracks that you don't like)
  • Rdio (like Netflix for music lovers...access all the music in the world on demand for a small monthly fee)
  • Songify
  • Pandora

H2 Visits the Crestron Experience Center

Our H2 system designers, Chris Pifer and Clinton Howell , visited the Crestron Experience Centers in Rockleigh, NJ and Manhattan, NY. The Crestron Experience Center is a compelling multi-sensory experience with state-of-the-art design and on hand consultants and system designers to educate and innovate during the tour of the facility.

At H2 Systems, we regularly visit supplier locations and experience centers to observe their technology and innovation. It's also a key factor when we select our suppliers. As a Crestron authorized dealer, we believe that the Crestron Experience Center is by far the most advanced home automation and integration center in North America. [portfolio_slideshow]

How to create the full movie theatre experience in your home

PROXIO 2Nothing beats a night out at the movies. With the surround sound, graphics, and comfortable seating, going out to the movies takes us away from the realities of life as we become part of the story playing in front of us.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, anyone can recreate the movie theatre experience in their own home. Creating your home theatre can be as costly as your budget will allow but here are some tips to consider when mapping out your home theatre.

How to Safe Proof Your House From Intruders

securityIt is parental instinct to ensure that our family is safe from strangers and outsiders. However, many people neglect to take significant steps to protect their homes against intruders. This month, H2 Systems is focusing on ‘intruder proofing’ your home as break-ins have increased significantly in the Halton Region.

We all spend a great deal of time preparing for the summer months. This year, we want to encourage homeowners to take extra measures to ensure that their property is safe.
Here are a few safe guarding tips to deter an intruder from entering your property.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Savvy Mom

Has there ever been a time when your mother wasn’t there for you? Being a Mom is a 24/7 position where the demands never end.  This Mother’s Day treat your tech savvy Mom to something that will bring a smile to her face, but also a little simplicity to her life.

Our staff agrees that these five items will do just that!  Happy Mother's Day to all of our H2 fans and followers!

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