How to Safe Proof Your House From Intruders

securityIt is parental instinct to ensure that our family is safe from strangers and outsiders. However, many people neglect to take significant steps to protect their homes against intruders. This month, H2 Systems is focusing on ‘intruder proofing’ your home as break-ins have increased significantly in the Halton Region.

We all spend a great deal of time preparing for the summer months. This year, we want to encourage homeowners to take extra measures to ensure that their property is safe.
Here are a few safe guarding tips to deter an intruder from entering your property.


The Yard

Your yard can be a significant giveaway about the safety of your home. Trees that are close to the house can provide access to a higher floor entry while overgrown bushes and landscaping give intruders more hiding places. Keep trees pruned at least 10 feet away from any window and the greenery trimmed and well kept.

Another great way to deter an intruder is to plant roses or thorny plants under windows and fences to make breaking in more difficult.

Good outdoor lighting is imperative to keep outsiders away from your home in the twilight hours. Install automated lights and lamps around the house to eliminate any hiding places.
It never hurts to have a big guard dog to thwart an unwanted guest.

The House

Many intruders enter households by kicking in the front door. Your entry doors should be made of solid wood or metal, with a dead bolt and kick plate.

Security and Safety film, for both your windows and patio doors, is an ingenious product that helps hold the glass together, a stronger barrier is created, slowing down criminals to the point where they may choose to flee for an easier target.

Window Side Panels add beauty and light to your entry way, however, they tend to be easy access for an intruder.  It is prudent to add safety film on these windows as it may deter the intruder from finding other entry points.

Patio Doors are another popular point of entry as it is generally in the privacy of a backyard and easy to break in to. Most new patio doors come with a kick lock for extra security. But placing a wooden stick or a safety bar against the operating patio door is simply an extra measure to deter intruders from entering.

Many intruders enter households through doors in the garage because they are less likely to be locked or reinforced. An automated garage door with keyless entry makes it virtually impossible to open without the passcode.

Install a Security System

A home without a security system is 3 times more likely to be broken into. Certain security systems allow you to control your house when you are not at home. Ensure that your security system alarms alert you to an intruder at all times and that the key holder information that you provide to the security company is current and up to date.
ALWAYS hire a professional to install your security system because intruders will find the weakest link in your system and utilize it.

A security camera has assisted many law enforcement agencies catch a neighbourhood prowler. Security cameras around the perimeter of your home allows for 24-7 surveillance of your home. There are many cameras where video footage can be taped on your computer or viewed live on your Smartphone device.

H2 Systems cares about the safety of all families and we want to put an end to break-ins in the Halton Region. If you have experienced a break-in, we want to hear from you about how you could have done things differently to protect your home and family. By sharing your story, you could win a $500.00 Day/Night HD Dome Camera. Visit our Facebook page and enter today.

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