How to create the full movie theatre experience in your home

PROXIO 2Nothing beats a night out at the movies. With the surround sound, graphics, and comfortable seating, going out to the movies takes us away from the realities of life as we become part of the story playing in front of us.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, anyone can recreate the movie theatre experience in their own home. Creating your home theatre can be as costly as your budget will allow but here are some tips to consider when mapping out your home theatre.


#1 Create a plan.

Home-Theatre-Colour-DesignWe have consulted with hundreds of homeowners who are eager to create the movie theatre experience without taking the necessary steps of planning the room design. Things to take into consideration are the lighting, décor, colour scheme, and optimal positioning of the screen when planning your room. Using absorption materials for the front half of the room and deflective materials for the remaining areas. Carpet in your home theatre room is a better option than hardwood flooring. Ideally, your home theatre room will include some form of home automation. Hiring a contractor who is certified with CEDIA will ensure that the job is done right.

#2 Comfortable Seating

Custom-Home-Theatre-SeatingComfort matters the most when creating your home theatre room. From formal theatre seating, rows of motorized inclining chairs, to sprawlling sectionals, purchasing home theatre seating is an important part of the budget. Palliser provides a wide array of seating options, at a reasonable cost, for your home theatre. If you are looking for a premium cushioned option, Fortress Seating specializes in this area. During the planning stage, ensure that you are are able to accommodate seating for your whole family and consider how many more seats will be required for visitors and special events. Seat Risers or platforms should be considered to allow everyone an optimal viewing experience. Nobody wants to be staring at the back of someone's head!

#3 A Projector and a screen

Home-Theatre-Projector-ScreenThe majesty of a movie theater screen is difficult to replicate with a large HD television. However, if you’re building a smaller home theatre system, then an HDTV would be the most logical option. A projector and screen is the best choice when attempting to recreate the movie theatre experience. There are a wide variety of projectors available. From affordable priced projectors like Epson to higher end brands like Runco, a quality projector is easily found to suit every budget. Choose a projector with a high quality picture with accurate colour, lots of detail, and perhaps 3D support. Additional factors to consider when purchasing a projector is fan noise, mounting flexibility, warranty, life of bulb and cost of replacement bulbs. Mount your home theater projector from the ceiling and pick out a screen suited to your room. Projection screens may appear to be an easy purchase but to achieve great contrast, vibrant color and rich detail you need to do your research. Our design team typically recommends Stewart projection screens as it provides all of the above.

#4 Surround Sound

The true movie theatre experience magically takes you into another world through sight and sound. Creating a deep interaction between the movie and our minds requires high quality sound. Surround sound is an integral part of the movie experience, and a must for a home theater. 7.1 surround sound, which uses eight channels of audio is the best option for your home theatre. The left, right and center speakers stimulate the experience from the front, while four extra surround speakers are positioned to the sides and rear. The eighth channel is solely dedicated to bass from the subwoofer.

#5 Home Theatre Lighting

Home-Theatre-LightingThe best way to replicate the movie theatre experience is to select a room devoid of windows. However, if this is unpreventable, blinds or shades may solve the issue of light coming in from the outdoors. If you are utilizing a projector and screen, proper controlled lighting is imperative for picture quality. Viewing a movie is best in the darkest room possible, but that doesn't mean that lighting isn't required. Consider installing remote controlled lighting to add style to the room and it also allows you to create an element of movie style magic and convenience. Small lights that surround the seating area will provide ambient lighting and will allow viewers to move freely without the fear of tripping.

#6 Universal Remote Control

Now that you have created the theatre room of your dreams, you need a practical way to take control of everything without having numerous remote controls for equipment and lighting. A universal remote is imperative and there are a variety of models to choose from based on your requirements. Economical brands will allow you to control your projector & home entertainment system. Choosing a remote with RF (Radio Frequency) eliminates the need to point and aim at your device. There are also remotes that provide the power to control your AV and room lighting independently or through an app on your Smartphone.

#7 Treats

home-theatre-popcorn-cartNow that you’re aware of these important components to creating a movie theatre experience in your home, don’t forget the snacks! There are many popcorn and confection machines out there that look amazing in your home theatre and can be utilized with little or no mess.

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