Turning Wi-Fi into Hi-Fi with Sonos This Summer


Sonos is exactly what you're looking for; Indoors or Out

Over the past decade, audio has experienced some huge transitions. While CD’s are still available in stores, we see more people downloading their favorite songs on their mobile device or listening to music online. Simplicity is the key. Why carry the baggage when you can take your music with you in your pocket? Today, speakers are no different. One can find small pocket sized speakers or a high quality Bluetooth speaker to suit their lifestyle for any given situation. Suffice to say, as sound connoisseurs we've tested them all. Sonos is a fantastic brand that we systematically include in our home audio designs for every customer. The Play3 and Play 5 speakers (often referred as zone players) offer big sound, transportability, and the option to listen to music online through music services like:

  • Songza (Thousands of genre based playlists with the ability to skip tracks that you don't like)
  • Rdio (like Netflix for music lovers...access all the music in the world on demand for a small monthly fee)
  • Songify
  • Pandora

Sonos Music Where You Want and How You Want

One thing we love about Sonos products is that it provides the option to bridge speakers to access music from any room in your home. Imagine having a party where you want to setup music in the living room, dining area, and outdoor area while keeping other speakers in the home turned off. The Sonos Controller provides a view of all of your zone players and allows you to control the music playing in each zone. How’s that for sophistication? Sonos also realizes that there is a generation gap within families where some haven’t moved forward to idea of streaming music online or from their device. With this in mind, Sonos products provides the option to connect to your existing home audio system so you can listen to radio, CD’s and records.

How do we incorporate Sonos into our home audio designs?

Just recently, we created a whole home audio solution using strictly Sonos speakers. We hid all of the speakers on a rack in the audio room and setup ceiling speakers to transmit sound. This design eliminates speaker clutter while allowing the user to control the music throughout the house using the Sonos app on their device. We also provided them a full demonstration on how to use the Sonos app, access online music, and their home audio equipment. Sonos is a versatile solution for understands the needs of their consumer. Whether it is online, on a Smartphone, or home audio system, Sonos makes it work for everyone in your home.

Share your favorite apps and music services with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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