Summer Music Festivals; It’s all about the sound quality


There has been a dramatic increase of Summer Music Festivals in Ontario. From the best in rock and country to showcasing local talent, local communities, who host summer music festival, realizes that festivals increase tourism and generates income for local businesses while supporting the Arts. No matter how great the food and craft vendors, every music enthusiast evaluates the success of these festivals based on the sound quality. Most would agree that there is nothing worse than attending a music festival only to be pillaged with too much bass, clarity issues, or consistent interruptions. The importance of sound quality is no different with a custom home theatre or media room. When enthusiasts retire to enjoy a movie or listen to music, they anticipate the best in sound from their investment.


Here are a few tips to create optimal sound quality:

  1. Understand the speaker-setup menu:Your AV receiver is not a plug and play device. Every 5.1/7.1 AV receiver requires you to setup your speakers and sound preferences to deliver optimal results based on the size of speakers and room dimensions. While altering the settings, your AV receiver should ensure that you are hearing the sound from all the speakers simultaneously by delivering a test tone during setup.
  2. Ensure that cables are in the correct position: Setting up your system could leave you in a web of cables where it’s easy to mix up which wire goes where. Ensure that speakers are hooked up in the correct phase, take careful note of +/- connections. If cables are hooked up out 0f phase you may find your system creates a strange pressure on your ears when listening where imaging and bass response will be negatively affected.
  3. Subwoofer level and crossover controls: Often, people will crank their subwoofer louder than necessary. With large high quality speakers, you may receive an adequate amount of bass where you only have to set your subwoofer to a lower range. Placing your subwoofer closer to the front speakers will also provide a more balanced level of bass.
  4. Placement, speaker brackets and stands: It is important to have your front speakers as close to ear level as possible. Having your speakers off the floor can dramatically increase the sound quality delivered from your system. Always position alternative speakers toward the main listening area and do not direct towards corners in the room.
  5. Carpeting and sound quality: Rooms with bare-wood or tile floors and lots of windows or mirrors will cause the sound quality to become overzealous; a thick rug and/or window drapes will rectify some of the harshness.
  6. Selecting one speaker brand: Real sound enthusiasts know that it is important to select one brand of speakers to produce a more cohesive sound rather than mix and matching speakers. Do your shopping and depend on sales consultants who share your love of music and sound quality to provide the best advice possible.

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