4K Television All The Way This Holiday Season


If you’re thinking that 4K Television is another 3D Gimmick, think again.   The ultra 4K release has realized a new way of television viewing and yes, it is all about the resolution.  Actually 4X the resolution of the standard HD television sold in the market today.

With holiday shopping and Boxing Day deals, we can expect to see 4K make a powerful entrance this holiday season and here are a few reasons why.


4K will Futureproof your television viewing

As TV operators are quietly sketching out roadmaps, we have come to realize that Ultra HD content is coming. There have been experiments with all types of 4K delivery, from over the air and satellite to Internet streaming, and the general consensus is that the technology is doable.

4K looks better than Today’s HD

4K UHD screen makes today’s TV content look better. With a 4X greater pixel density, a large screen 4K panel delivers a smoother looking image than an equivalent Full HD screen.

4K Blu-ray is on its way!

From our suppliers at Sony, we have learned that The Blu-ray Disc Association is currently green-lighting a 4K BD format which utilizes 100GB triple layer discs.

4K Ultra HD Resolution and high frame rates

According to research by the EBU and the BBC, viewers are equally receptive to high native frame rates (up to 100Hz – 120Hz in North America), because images are perceived to be more naturalistic and detailed.

4K Mind blowing Internet browsing

With 4K, surfing the net on your television has never been clearer! When you view Google Maps in a browser, it interrogates the resolution of your display and adjusts available information and detail accordingly.

4K Committed! NETFLIX, a leader in streaming television and movie viewing

NETFLIX is a staple in many residential homes for steaming television and movies.  They have paved the way of streaming television because of their forward thinking approach on how viewers watch television.  Netflix has committed to a 4K roll out in 2014.

4K Home Movies, Gaming, and Sports Coverage

The likelihood of filming with 4K is already in motion with Sony’s incoming FDR-AX1E camcorder.   You can already get smartphones and action cams that record in 4K!

Panasonic’s 65-inch WT600 4K TV has shown just how compelling 4K gaming can look with its provision of a DisplayPort v1.2a connection. With a sizable investment of a dual Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan for your PC, gaming will take on a new dimension on your 4K television.   UHD is sure to take off when high-spec graphics cards begin to sport HDMI 2.0 connections

Sky and other international broadcasters have endorsed 4K as they see 2160p 50/60Hz sports coverage as an amazing app for the new Ultra HD format. Sports fans are sure to pay a premium for the fluidity of movement that the technology offers.  Veteran UK Sky Sports director Tony Mills says that 4K could fundamentally change the language of TV sports coverage. “The extra resolution means you no longer need to keep cutting to big close-ups,” he says. “You can clearly see the emotion on a player’s face from a distance…”

4K Price Dropping Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

As with every new innovative concept, when the manufacturers commit to producing more 4K panels, prices will tumble as volume production from panel vendors escalates. First generation screen prices have already realized a drastic reduction in price, and next year’s UHD models are likely to carry only a modest price premium over similarly sized Full HD models.

Watch out holiday shoppers and boxing day bargain pundits, 4K TV is on the way!  Will you be taking the next big step in viewing technology this holiday season?

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